North Head Sanctuary is my favourite I-need-to-get-outside-STAT spot. Did you know that just an extra two hours a week in nature (and it doesn’t even have to be in one go) can drastically improve your mental health? A connection to nature is step number one to protecting it. 🌿

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Hi! I’m Harriet.


I’m the human behind Grumpy Turtle Creative.

I spent my early twenties dive instructing on the Great Barrier Reef, and it was here I truly fell in love with the ocean. Experiencing the beauty of the underwater world first-hand, and learning about the threats this ecosystem faces, led me to swap my fins and mask for a pencil and computer.


I founded Grumpy Turtle Creative to help business and organisations bring their vision for a better world to life.


I provide services in design and videography. I use my head and my heart to bring ideas to life for business, companies, and organisations that are doing good for this blue planet of ours.

I’ve worked in communications and design for some of Australia’s leading environmental organisations, including 1 Million Women and Taronga Conservation Society Australia, and have spearheaded several environmental initiatives, the most recent being Operation Straw.

Photo by Justin Gilligan

Sea turtles are extremely threatened by some of the most urgent issues our planet is facing; plastic pollution, climate change and overfishing. By working to protect them and our oceans, we are simultaneously creating a better future for our planet and ourselves.


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 If you’ve got an idea or project that’s making turtles a little less grumpy, drop me a line. Let’s make some turtley awesome magic together.